What our students say

What our students say:

Eoin Costello

Full-time Student and Entrepreneur

(MSc Business Development and Innovation)

Why I choose the MSc Business Development and Innovation Programme and how it has benefitted me.

Eoin Costello, Full-time Student and Entrepreneur

My Motivation

I chose the MSc Business Development & Innovation at University of Ulster as it had been identified in research carried out in 2009 by the Accelerating Campus Entrepreneurship Initiative (entitled “Entrepreneurship Education in Ireland”) as an example of best practice in entrepreneurship education in Ireland. Despite being a resident of Dublin I decided to live full time in Greenisland, near the Jordanstown campus, to enable me to fully engage in the university and local experience. A major motivation for me in undertaking the Masters was the degree to which my work could serve the national interest in these difficult times (in terms of the work of the enterprise agencies and the policy debate) and benefit the local business community. Once I completed each assignment I provided my work to those bodies and published it on my website: Here . As a result a conference organiser at Invest NI, searching for Innovation topics in Northern Ireland, came across my page through a Google search and invited me to speak at an upcoming Innovation conference.


Another key objective for me was to build up my network of contacts in order to further my plans once I have completed the Masters. Our class discussions were the starting point for this, lively debates about current issues in business made each module of the Masters enjoyable. Since I started the MSc my Linkedin connection count has risen from 62 to 172. My classmates, lecturers, external speakers organised for our modules form the bulk of this growth in my network. A great networking opportunity was provided by the Business Excellence series of talks organised by the Ulster Business School. These featured high profile Ulster entrepreneurs such as Dr. Gerard O’Hare and Michael McQuillan from The Streat. I also approached the Northern Ireland Business Innovation Centre and offered to give talks based on my work experience in building and selling online businesses to the participants in their Online Business Development Programme in Castlereagh. I am now helping judge the finals of their Online Business plan competition.

My thoughts on education

I see learning as a type of eco system, that operates outside the classroom environment as much as in it, which leads to high levels of intrinsic motivation. The components are the current students, the tutors, the alumni, the assignments, the external speakers and the local business community. The more the class experience reinforces this eco system the better learning outcomes and job prospects.

The Future

The opportunity to participate in the Masters has opened up new avenues of opportunity for me in my career and has provided me with invaluable contacts. I am now starting to work on my Dissertation, its focus is an exciting opportunity in the Web 3.0 area which I will be working to turn into reality once I have successfully completed my studies at Jordanstown.

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