My time on the IIA

His contribution during his time on the IIA Board included:

  1. Issued a number of alerts to members of the public and the Internet Community concerning matters such as pressurised sales tactics on domain registrations(see example below).
  2. Produced a 16 point set of operating procedures for the IIA working groups.
  3. Wrote and issued a 16 page Guide to Domain Name Registration in conjunction with the Hosting Working Group.
  4. Researched and formulated a draft Code of Conduct for IIA members.
  5. As Chair of the working group wrote for trade magazines on the pitfalls of domain registration.
  6. Carried out a complete overhaul of the IIA Awards procedures in conjunction with the IIA executive.
  7. Dealt with matters forwarded on to the IIA from members of the public concerning matters related to the hosting industry
  8. Drafted IIA response to invitation for feedback from the Dept of Communicatoins and marine on IEDR policy.
  9. Was one of the speakers at the IIA future direction of the Internet debate.

Sample Alert


SMEs targeted in domain name scam
Over the past few days, small Irish firms have been targeted by a domain name scam that has seen some companies defrauded of as much as EUR1,500. That’s according to the Irish Internet Association (IIA), which says it has received six reports in the past week of a scam concerning domain name registration. The victims have reported receiving phone calls telling them that a variation of their company domain name will be bought by a third party unless they hand over as much as STG500 within the next 20 minutes. The IIA is advising companies not to panic if they receive these calls; they should contact their current domain name provider, who will be able to advise them how to proceed. The association said that if companies have any concerns, they should contact the IIA directly. For more on this story read ElectricNews.Net.


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