My time circling the planet

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Circling the planet in search of Innovative & Entrepreneurial ideas

Circling the Planet

When Eoin completed the sale of Novara and Omniserve he was faced with a decision as to what to do next. The warnings about the Irish economy issued by Paul Tansey’s 2005 (“Productivity – Ireland’s Economic Imperative”) study were coming home to roost, namely:

  1. Stark over dependency on construction for tax revenues and employment growth.
  2. Over dependency on the foreign multinational assembly operations for Irish productivity growth.
  3. Weak productivity in the large domestic services sector.

He decided that it was important to try and play his own small part in helping highlight potential positive directions for future Irish enterprise policy. Therefore he decided to make a research study the focus of his travels.

It is Eoin’s firm believe that large scale innovations in business processes will be ushered in with the advent of Web 3.0, the Semantic Web combined with the Mobile web, creating an era of intelligent applications capable of performing many of the routine tasks humans currently do. It will be a period of Schumpeterian “creative destruction”.  Traditional business models will be challenged and employment displaced. While Ireland has successfully attracted many Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 heavy weights (Google, Facebook, Amazon) to locate in Ireland, it is critical that Ireland build on this and stay at the forefront of thinking on how the Web, Society and Business will evolve during the major changes coming shortly.

Eoin set two objectives for his research,firstly to seek ways in which Ireland can stay at the forefront of Internet thinking (by meeting with Internet Institutes that are members of the World Internet Project around the world) and secondly to look at other potential 21st century industries for Ireland/innovative ideas. Third level education became the clear candidate as a major potential source of Irish knowledge economy jobs and income and he wrote a number of papers on this on his return. Accordingly Eoin planned his route to serve these research objectives.

Reports compiled as a result of this initiative:

“Internet Institute for Ireland – Research findings from members of the World Internet Project” : provided to Higher Education Authority, Irish Internet Association

“101 Entrepreneurial & Innovative Ideas from around the world”

Further reports compiled based on research carried out during Eoin’s travels can be found on Masters in Business Development & Innovation 2010-2011

Opportunities & Threats of Web 3.0 for the traditional service industry.



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