My time building Omniserve

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Omniserve (2007 – 2009)


As a result of carrying out an Enterprise Ireland supported feasibility study in 2007, in 2007, Eoin set about developing a business opportunity that would exploit the trend for rapid delivery of services that are traditional, cottage industry type services. His research led to a number of original discoveries that were published in the Enterprise Ireland Journal.

Through his customer exposure with Novara he identified an existing major market failing in the provision of starter websites to small businesses. The feasibility study found that this was the case throughout the EU. Small businesses currently experience a great deal of frustration in getting a website live. The reasons include the need for multiple face to face meetings with the designer, a lack of common agreement as to what constitutes an effective website (with the focus still remaining on Web 1.0 aesthetic factors rather than what business/payback the site generates) leading to a lack of appreciation on the part of small business owners as to how important a website is to their business.

Omniserve Xpress Creation Process is a new business model for the 21st Century. It delivers on the promise of Software as a Service as promoted by Salesforce.com, the promise of delivering immediate business infrastructure on demand. Through the combination of trained staff, virtual meetings and innovative inhouse developed software, the customer (without leaving their office) can be up and running with their high quality website in a fraction of the time taken by traditional providers, with a range of beneficial features included as standard and all at a fraction of the traditional price. It is truly a disruptive offering and was enthusiastically received by the media.

New business models that “productise” traditional services thereby creating jobs in knowledge centres (as opposed to traditional call centres), such as that created by Omniserve for web design, need to be developed urgently within Ireland as the health of the Irish economy depends on the percentage of Irish exports accounted for by the services sector doubling in the next 15 years (Source ESRI).

Late in 2008 Eoin sold the Omniserve business to the management team thus concluding the sale of 2 businesses in a year when general Mergers & Acquisitions activity was down 60%. He worked on a consultancy basis with the business into 2009.

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