My time building Novara Technology

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Novara (2000-2008 )Seeing great opportunities in the Internet revolution of the late nineties he took the courageous step of selling his share of the family jewellery business in 2000 to set up Novara.ie, thereby becoming the first in Ireland to sell a traditional retail business to develop a purely Internet business. He set about re-skilling himself for the new challenge by taking an evening course in Ebusiness development with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Enterprise Board and a course in HTML coding in Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology.
Starting from a spare bedroom in his house the new business got off to a rocky start. Established justas the “.com” boom was collapsing the Worldport data centre (where all the company’s servers were located) was closing with just 3 weeks notice, shortly after Novara’s services went live, a high pressure migration out of Worldport followed. Once completed a major renovation of the offices that Novara had contracted to occupy was commenced.As a result of taking hard decisions Eoin has built Novara.ie into one of Ireland’s top three hosting companies with in excess of 10,000 clients (including organisations such as Jurys Doyle, the Department of Justice, 98FM, EBS Building Society, the Department of Agriculture), won numerous awards and received plenty of press coverage and profiles. The high level of customer satisfaction and innovation stemed from the regular customer surveys carried out by Novara. In 2005 he acquired the business of Tornado Hosting Ltd.He has played an active role in the Irish Internet community serving as Director of the Irish Internet Association (completing a Guide To Domain Registration ) and as Vice Chairman of the ISP Association of Ireland (2004-2006).Eager to encourage the positive use of the internet in Irish schools and third level institutions Eoin established Ireland’s first educational website competition( the School & University Internet Awards, http://www.suia.org) in 1999 putting up £15,000 of his own money to get the Awards off the ground.He was awarded the Irish Domain Registry Internet Champion Award by the board of the IEDR in recognition for his work in establishing the School & University Internet Awards.Happy investors in Novara include Dublin Business Innovation Centre, Dublin City Enterprise Board and Bank of IrelandDigiweb, one of Ireland’s top 3 biggest ISPs, acquired Novara in 2008

At the time of sale Novara had grown to second largest hosting company in Ireland (overtaking Eircom in the process), was highly profitable with zero debt and had one of the best staff to sales ratios in the industry thanks to Novara’s considerable investment in in-house developed automation software. Novara also had a high staff retention rate and high staff productivity due to sophisticated processes for staff training and motivation.

John McCormack’s commentary on how Novara changed the face of the .ie domain registration industry in Ireland
“Commentary on the acquisition from Ireland’s respected hosting commentator John McCormack:”

Digiweb’s takeover of Novara has altered the Irish hosting business in that it is the first major takeover of a Tier 2 hoster. NOVARA.IE gives DIGIWEB an extra element – blue-chip credibility. While NOVARA.IE was not the cheapest hoster in the market it has built up a blue-chip client base.

Eoin’s message to Novara customers concerning the sale


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