I started working on an interesting technology commercialisation project today – mobiSurround @ DIT

In Commercialisation/Tech Transfer, What I'm working on at the moment on February 8, 2012 at 8:27 pm

Today I started working on an exciting new Enterprise Ireland supported project with the researchers behind the mobiSurround technology.

I will be working with Dr Charlie Cullen and Keith Gardiner on this project.

Dr Charlie Cullen is head of the Multimodal Interaction Group (MmIG) in DIT, principal investigator on national and European ICT research projects, and a lecturer and supervisor on the MA in Digital Media Technologies course in DIT.

Keith Gardiner is a Senior Researcher in the Digital Media Centre in the Dublin Institute of Technology. His area of expertise is Location-Based Services (LBS) with an emphasis on Mobile Spatial Interaction (MSI) where he has published extensively in recent years. His research interests also extend into the areas of Multimodal Interaction and Spatial Audio research.

Description of the Technology

The technology – MobiSurround is a surround sound auditory user interface for location-based-services on smartphones. Specifically, the MobiSurround project developed a surround sound virtualiser on a low bandwidth smartphone device to deliver location-based-services to the user using a spatialised auditory user interface.

MobiSurround is a new LBS technology for immersive rich media content. Charlie and Keith at the Multimodal Interaction Group in DIT have produced a white label application platform that delivers interactive real speech, natural directions and immersive 3D audio content in real time based on user location.

As the user moves within a space, the audio content adapts in real time to their position. Information on points of interest is delivered automatically, whilst directions are provided using visual landmarks as the user progresses from point to point. Adaptive soundscapes reflect the current context of the user, with 3D SFX and algorithmic music providing an immersive audio experience.



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