Innovation Coaches – Coaching for behavioural change needs to be brought down to the personal level

In Design Innovation on January 13, 2012 at 4:29 pm

As a member of the Enterprise Ireland Mentor Panel something I feel could be very helpful to increase the degree of SME Innovation in Ireland would be the introduction of a panel of Innovation Coaches.

This blog post outlines nicely what is involved in changing the behaviours of SME owners – with thanks to http://paul4innovating.com/2012/01/04/the-value-of-having-an-innovation-coach/

You go through four stages

Unconscious Incompetence- this is often a self reflection stage where the coach and the person receiving the coaching simply reflect and draw out areas of incomplete knowledge. You raise them from being unconsciously there.

Conscious Incompetence- From these reflections you gain insights, you begin to explore tested tools and techniques, you begin to frame new references that are relevant, you begin to explore and experiment. You are looking for growing confirmation that it has value.

Conscious Competence- As you begin to ‘grasp’ differences this enables the exchanges between coach and person being coached to look at the alternatives with a growing confidence and some ‘matching’ begins to occur. These new conscious understandings begin to become relevant and within the discussions you can see an emerging path for action beginning to emerge.

Unconscious competence- the final part where the impact of what has been learnt, understood, investigated and explored has a real personal impact. It seeps into the make-up of the person and changes there ‘going forward’ behaviour. These see different patterns, they comprehend innovation meaning differently than their original perspective and these ‘new’ competences enter and become more automatic, unconsciously simply occurring, as the way to manage innovation going forward as the value ‘gels’.


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