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Dr. Peter Kelly’s presentation on creativity at Aalto University

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Peter Kelly presentation at Queens Belfast


Useful resources for Lean Implementation Projects

In Lean methodology for software and SaaS on October 16, 2011 at 11:04 am

Articles: http://www.leanenterprise.org.uk/index.php?option=com_docman&Itemid=3

Introduction to Kanban: http://www.limitedwipsociety.org/login/tag/kanban-board/

A visual representation of Kanban in action for software projects: http://blog.crisp.se/2009/06/26/henrikkniberg/1246053060000


Images that capture Lean concepts

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Enterprise Ireland Lean Guides

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On Monday I attended a workshop organised by the Lean team within the Productivity Department at Enterprise Ireland addressed by Richard Keegan. The EI model contained in the booklets below of the Lean Spiral of Performance is very useful.

EI Becoming Lean v14 _2_

EI BECOMING LEAN case studies cs _4_

My Social Media Strategy workshop with Enterprise Europe Scotland

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I ran a social media workshop for Enterprise Europe Scotland in July 2011.

The objective of the workshop was to evaluate the effectiveness of the network’s current strategy in order to identify how to best use their web presence and social media to support their goal of supporting SMEs. There were two intertwined themes to the workshop in seeking to combine to best advantage the activities of Enterprise Europe Scotland and those of the SME client. They are a very enthusiastic group of people and are making a real difference to Scottish SMEs.

Feedback from client:

Eoin recently facilitated a workshop to help us evaluate our online presence and strategy. Eoin provided a new and knowledgeable voice to the team and had a real understanding of what we were trying to achieve. The day was well structured and engaged those of us already using social media for our business and newcomers alike. We were very pleased with the workshop and would like to thank Eoin for his expertise.

European Business Advisor, Scottish Enterprise

My work with Info2Innovate regional workshops for Enterprise Europe Network

In Slidedecks from Conferences I have spoken at, What I'm working on at the moment on October 7, 2011 at 10:27 am

I’m down in Sligo at the moment working with Enteprise Europe Network on the EU SME innovation supports mapping workshops. Between now and June 2012 a series of workshops, focus groups and seminars will be organised by EEN in respect of SME innovation. The project is part of an EU wide initiative intended to identify the innovation supports available to SMEs and the main obstacles that SMEs experience in trying to engage in innovation. Here is the EU project outline:

My short presentation to the main event before our workshop:   Slides for Eoin Info2Innovate – Short presentation

In addition to identifying the obstacles to SMEs engaging in innovation another objective was to receive feedback on the new EEN Info2Innovate Directory. The Info2Innovate Directory is part-funded by the EU and is managed by the Enterprise Europe Network in Ireland as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).  The Directory contains information relevant to SMEs seeking information on Innovation and Supports and Services available to Irish SMEs.

Feedback from the organiser on my input

We have just commenced our workshops to streamline / test our new EEN Directory on Innovation Services & Supports for SMEs in Ireland. Eoin has joined our team and took on the role as moderator for these workshops.
His knowledge on the subject matter and subsequent lead-in presentation on Innovation sets the right tone for a balanced discussion with the participants. We are delighted Eoin has joined the EEN team for this important piece of work for DG Enterprise in Brussels.

Jan Gerritsen
Manager Enterprise Europe Network at Enterprise Ireland

What Venture Capitalists look for when investing

In Advice for Start-ups on October 6, 2011 at 8:45 pm

At the Sligo Seed Capital event I was helping run the Info2Innovate workshops with Enterprise Europe Network and had the opportunity to listen to presentations by Michael Murphy (NCB), Shay Garvey (Delta) and Conor O’Connor (Enterprise Equity).

Their presentations were extremely helpful to anyone seeking to raise money from venture capitalists.

Shay Garvey Delta Seed Capital Fund October 11

Michael Murphy NCBVenturePresentationOctober2011

Conor O’Connor Enterprise Equity presentation-Sligo-5 Oct 2011

Example of clever use of smartphone in work based training

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Slide deck from Eden conference by Scottish team

“Technology Enhanced Situated Learning and Virtual Skills Rehearsal in Workforce Development Keith Quinn, Stephen Farrier and Dr Alan Bruce”

Technology enhanced learning Scotland

A strategic toolkit for designing and delivering a breakout innovation strategy

In Advice for Start-ups on October 4, 2011 at 4:36 pm

Professor Thomas C. Lawton talk at Queen’s Belfast entitled “Innovate for Advantage A strategic toolkit for designing and delivering a breakout strategy”

1 Innovate for advantage_InterTrade Ireland_June 2011

Presentation on what Enterprise Ireland does

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Slideshow from a public presentation this summer

Outline of what Enterprise Ireland does