Software startups – people often over estimate the value of free trial periods

In Advice for Start-ups on May 29, 2011 at 1:49 pm

Thanks to RapidTask for this advice http://www.rapidtask.com/tutorials/?p=37

Free trial for project management software? No way.

I hate free trials. Sorry, I said it.
With project management software, it’s very frustrating. You’re basically saying I should dedicate my time to learn your system. And, waste my team’s time getting them up-to-speed in the new system. Then, if I don’t want to continue I’ve wasted all of that time, and can’t get my data back.
If Google told me that after 30 days they would shut off my email address and hold my data until I paid up, I probably wouldn’t have used the service to begin with. The same is true with Google Docs, Picasa, and the other popular services like Flickr and Facebook.
Suddenly you want to lock my account and make me pay to use the basic features and see my data again? No thanks, boss.
Or, what if you sign up and start using it, but then you suddenly get distracted and forget to update it for a month or two? Chances are, you still need the software – but your “free trial” has expired before you even got a chance to see what it’s about.
RapidTASK is built to be free for everyone. Free, free and FREE. So, you can sign up and use the service for as long as you want. We don’t offer a free trial, we just offer a free account that you can use whenever.
Of course, we’d love if you’d pay for RapidTASK. For a free account, you can store up to 100MB of files. If you need more space for your account you can bump it up to 1 gigabyte for $5. It’s plain and simple, and if you ever want to downgrade to zero you can – without losing your data or access to your account.


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